Have a Panoramic Dental X-Ray

Go to one of the centers that take panoramic dental x-ray and get your panoramic film. It is enough to take this step for your treatment to start. That' it ...

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Send Your Panoramic Dental X-Ray to Us

If you send your panoramic film to us via WhatsApp, mail or live support at the bottom of the page, we start all the necessary research. You won't even need to leave your house.

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We Contact With Doctors

We send your panoramic dental x-rays to dentists who are experts in their fields. We determine the most suitable treatment protocol for you with our specialist doctors. We help you find the best price and treatment without going around clinics.

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We Contact You

After consulting different doctors, we determine the most suitable treatment method and price. We contact you and deliver the results to you. That's it...

About Us

What we do?
What we don't do?

What we do?

We find the best treatment and price for you.
With our expert team, we answer all your questions.
We cooperate with expert and experienced dentists and brands with proven quality.
We create a bridge between the patients and the doctors.

What we do not do?

We do not sell implants..
We do not charge you any service fee.
We do not waste your time. We inform you of your treatment on the same day.
We are not taking you doctor to doctor. We bring you the most appropriate treatment for your treatment.

What have we done so far?





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Patient Comments (4)

  • Türkan Karasak


    Bir panoramik çene filmi çekmemi istediler. Gönderdikten iki saat sonra bana nasıl bir tedavi uygulamam gerektiğini söylediler. Bir hafta sonraya randevu oluşturduk.

  • Fabricio Ricci


    I didnt even leave my home. I just sent my x-ray and they invite me. I had 3 implants with good price. Nice service

  • Mahmoud Alasaere


    I went office and they said we just need a x-ray. After I sent x-ray I got my appointment, I have one implant.

  • Mustafa Palaş


    İki yıl önce yaptırdığım implant hareket ediyordu. İletişime geçtim bir gün sonraya randevu ayarladılar.

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